The Nature of Juneau

“The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go” – Muir

One of the reasons we moved to Juneau was easy access to nature. We are a family that loves to hike and Juneau has “over 250 miles of hiking trails”. Since the rest of my family has made it to Juneau, Alaska, they have been hiking everyday and I have been hiking with them on the weekends. We hike no matter the weather.

We have spoke to many of the locals and they told us the most important thing is to get outside, no matter the weather. Juneau is in the temperate rainforest, which means it rains ALL THE TIME! Juneau gets an average of 62 inches of precipitation a year. Therefore, rain or shine we must enjoy the beauty that Juneau has to offer.

In fact, if you do not enjoy Nature, Juneau Alaska is probably not the place for you!  Even though Juneau has many activities for families and individuals, most of the activities in Juneau are nature-based. There is hiking, skiing (which my kids are chomping at the bit to do!), fishing, wildlife viewing, kayaking, snowmobiling and much more. We cannot wait to take advantage of all Juneau has to offer, whether it is being out in nature or enjoying the many activities that the Capital City has to offer…

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  1. Oh We LOVE it and LOVE that you all are loving it even more! So excited for your family and this blog! I enjoyed reading it and love to hear whats going on! Get out in Nature! It is amazing that a place like that can bring your mood up or down … It is nessasary to get out side to keep the blues away… And luckily we live in a time that there are clothes made to handle the weather…just dress appropriately and it isn’t a big deal. Love you guys!! Enjoy!

  2. How are you and the family liking the really cold winter? Bill said the temps can get below 0 a lot.

    1. It usually does not get that cold here in Southeast Alaska. The weather today was 15 degrees which is not the norm and we had six inches of snow. It is cold, brrr! Like Ashley said, we just dress for the weather, snow boots, hats and lots of layers!

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