Settling In


I have not wrote a blog post in awhile due to settling into our new house after the adventure of getting to Juneau!

I have been in Juneau longer than my family. I had to start work before Thanksgiving and came up and stayed at the Juneau Hotel for a little over a month. I walked to work daily, since I did not have a car. Luckily my work and the grocery store were very close.

For other transportation I took the Capital City Transit, which is very cost effective and works it’s way around Juneau in a hours time. Usually the bus comes to the stops about every 30 minutes, so it is very convenient for those who come to Juneau without a vehicle.

A lot of people come to Juneau without a vehicle since Juneau is like an island. It is landlocked and the only way to Juneau is by ferry or plane. I came in on a plane and my husband and cousin with our belongings came in on the ferry. He and my cousin drove our belonging up through Canada into Skagway, AK where he left out on the ferry for Juneau.


Side note: If you are carrying a trailer with over a 1000 lbs. of stuff,


South Klondike Highway in Yukon

From Dawson City Yukon to Skagway, the Klondike Highway descends over 3,000 Feet for a 14 mile stretch. My husband was driving down the road trying to slow down while praying, looking at the drop off and trying not to poop his pants, haha! The brakes were SMOKING! This must be why most people take the ferry out of Haines instead Skagway. Opps!

Once they made it to Juneau, we had to move into Spruce Meadows RV Park where we could stay in our travel trailer with the dogs and cat for a couple of weeks while waiting to close on our house.

6 People, 1 Cat, 3 Dogs in 1 RV.

While in the RV, the water line kept freezing and the day before we were to move out, the sewer line froze. No water half the time and no bathroom in the RV. Also, the moisture was such an issue. Our pillows froze to the walls and water was building up on the walls and ceiling. The romantic idea of living in an RV, tiny house or yurt is GONE!

After 2 weeks of living in the cramped RV, we finally were able to close on our house!

Our New Home!

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  1. I absolutely loved Alaska when I visited last summer. My family lives in Juneau as well and love it. Thanks for sharing your journey, it makes me want to visit again.

    1. Alaska is hard not to love! If you come and visit, let me know. Juneau is aesthetically beautiful and the community is even more so. Thanks you for the support!

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