Welcome to Juneau


“A smile is the universal welcome” Max Eastman. The community of Juneau is one huge greeting. Every where you go, you meet the most friendly and helpful people. Juneau is a community of 30,000 although it feels like a quaint coastal town of 2,500. People who have lived in this community, see people they know everywhere they go. The ones they don’t know, are sure to become their friends soon!

I have lived in this community only a few short months and I love it more than anywhere I have lived. There is not a lot of competition or “keeping up with the Joneses” (haha). The community supports each other and welcomes newcomers with open arms.

When people realize we are not from Juneau; whether from my license that has not been changed or my husbands Oklahoman accent, they all are happy we are here and they say “welcome to Juneau”. We have been told “welcome to Juneau” by so many people so many times, we cannot count. This is Juneau’s mantra.

I am happy to call Juneau home for me and my family. I feel we have grown so much in such a short time. We are experiencing great people, community and great experiences in one of the most beautiful places, Alaska. I look forward to learn and know the community of Juneau and it’s people and welcome them into our lives as they have welcomed us. Welcome to Juneau!

Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA

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  1. In a very short time you have realized the entire reason my wife and I moved back to this wonderful community….. we returned south for a few TOO MANY years to just find us keeping up with the “Joneses” and had to return to the simplest life, Juneaunites! Welcome to your new home Jones family and get ready….. the fun has just begun!

    1. Thank you Pete. We are already enjoying the adventure, especially the fishing adventures we enjoyed with you. Thank you for being so welcoming and showing us how to live like Juneauites! We look forward to our life here in Juneau!

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