The New Meaning of Life on the Lake


What do you think of when you hear the saying, “Life on the Lake”? I think of water flowing along side a boat while the heat of the sun is beating down. This is not the experience of a lake in the middle of winter. I have experienced the new meaning of “life on the lake”. 

“Life on the Lake” in winter is a frozen lake best suited for cross country skiing, hiking and walking your dog. “Life on the Lake” is a mother having a picnic on the lake while watching her child climb on the snowy hillside. “Life on the Lake” is ice skating and hockey. 

Our “Life on the Lake” experience was a hike across Mendenhall Lake on a beautiful sunny day. We crossed the lake and took a few pictures of Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Then we hiked up the glacier and followed the trail. As we passed a lady, she commented that “it is so worth it”. I wondered what she had meant. We continued to walk alongside the glacier when a man told us of the ice caves ahead. 
This is what I love about Alaska, it is so unexpected. You go for a nice hike on the lake and end up in a glacial ice cave. Once we arrived I asked a lady “if it was safe”. She said it is never really safe but if we have never experienced it, we should take the risk and go in. So we went in…

Risking our lives to walk across a frozen lake and into a glacial cave was “so worth it”

It is definitely the new meaning of “Life on the Lake”.

I Love Ice

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  1. Wow! Scott and Shema, plus family. We love your pictures and hope to make it up there sometime.
    Scott and cousin Karen

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