Eagle Love

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Spring has almost arrived and it is showing in Juneau Alaska. There is more sunlight and it is slowly getting warmer. Besides more light in the evening, it is light when I leave for work as well.

I LOVE being able to enjoy the view in the morning, while also enjoying a new LOVE. My LOVE for a genre of music that I had not previously enjoyed, folk. Folk is popular in Alaska and “Folk Alley” is my jam!

Besides enjoying my new LOVE , I assume I am witnessing new LOVE on my way to work. On most days you can see two eagles sitting next to each other on the light pole. It brings a smile to my face every time!

When I see the Eagles, I imagine they are courting and the Male Eagle is vying for her attention. Both their heads are turned as if she is ignoring him. A typical hard to get love story.

The story in my mind ends with the female giving in and Eagle LOOOVE ensuing. Soon there will be little Eaglets in a nearby nest waiting for their mother to feed them.

This is one of the reasons we moved to Juneau, to be closer to nature and enjoy it first hand!

Nature is amazing and being able to view it on an almost daily basis is even more amazing! There have been sighting of killer whale returning to the Gastineau Channel. I have not personally seen them yet, but I know I will.

I am oozing with excitement for the many opportunities my family and I will have to view wildlife and beautiful natural processes of spring. We will be able to see Eagles, Whales, Otters, Sea Lions, and lets not forget the Bears!

I cannot wait!

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