The Harder the Struggle the Sweeter the Journey! -Marriage

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Tomorrow will be my husband and I’s 23rd anniversary.

This is one of my greatest successes. We all know that marriage is under fire and more and more people are getting divorced. I am especially proud that we have overcome many adversities throughout our 23 years of marriage.

1st – We were married at a young age. I was 19 and he was 20.

Since we were married young, we have both have changed tremendously. The amazing thing is that during this change we went from being so different to becoming like minded.

2nd – I had a child from a previous relationship before our marriage.

Having a child from a previous relationship can and did cause a lot of strain. I was very protective of my daughter and he was raising her as his own. It was a constant fight.

3rd – We only had a relationship for less than a year before we were married.

Getting married early on in a relationship, there is a lot you do not know about the other. This caused a lot of fights until we started to come together.

Besides some of our early struggles in our marriage, we had some major life struggles along the way as well:

  • Separation from my family
  • Births (the birth of our 1st child together sent my husband to the hospital, I will have to tell you the story sometime!)
  • Deaths
  • Family Drama
  • A deployment (separated for a year)
  • and many other normal relationship difficulties

Some how we have been able to persevere in our marriage. I think it is due to both of us being very stubborn and I think that is what keeps us together during our struggles. Neither is willing to give up on the other.

Even though there have been many struggles, we have had many joys. We have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. They are awesome kids and make our lives full.

Lastly, after 23 years of marriage, we are living our dream in Alaska. We are enjoying the outdoor activities Juneau has to offer! For our anniversary tomorrow we are going hiking. One of my favorite things to do. Also, we bought a boat and cannot wait for the fishing and whale watching this summer!

I am excited for what our future has to offer here in Alaska. I know there will be struggles, but I know that it helps me to appreciate the good even more! Here is to 23 More!

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