Off the Road & the Need for a Boat


Buying a boat is like buying a house in Juneau. There is not a lot of affordable options that are good quality. We lucked out and found someone who had not yet listed their boat. It was an older boat in good condition. Otherwise we would have had to pay thousands of dollars more for a decent boat.

So the hunt was on, since my Husband has been wanting a boat for a long time. Where we used to live, there were two lakes very close by, but I was not fond of boating on the lake. Now, living in Juneau, which is off the road system, we NEED a boat so that you can venture out of the city parameters. Otherwise we could end up feeling very claustrophobic

These are some of the Plus and Minuses of living off the road system:

Of course a negative is not being able to move from town to town via a road system. We have the Alaska Marine Highway and ferry system for that and that has been put in jeopardy due to Governor Dunleavy and his crazy budget cuts and I mean CRAZY!

Besides the ferry system, there are planes such as Alaska Seaplanes,which are pricier than the ferry system and can be affected by the foggy weather that we have in Spring and Fall. When it gets too foggy, Alaska Airlines cannot even land! Even though we have these wonderful options to get out, it definitely comes with a cost!

Therefore we NEEDED a boat! 


(Like how I said NEED, like it is a necessity to life here. Well it does assist in obtaining sustenance which is a NEED, Ha Ha)

This way we can have freedom to roam to the ocean and other islands, which is a lot less expensive than the ferry or planes. With a boat you may not be able to travel as far as with the other two options, but at least you can travel more often for less!

Having a boat in Juneau opens up a whole other world for us Juneauites! There is Admiralty Island where the largest population of Brown Bears exist and has some of the best hunting around. So, if you go hunting there you better carry a big gun and have others watching your back. Otherwise you could get eaten, yikes. I have heard many bear attack stories that occurred on that island. I would love to see a Brown Bear closer than I have but I do not want to put my life at risk.

On the other islands there are hiking trails and cabins for camping. There are also many hot springs in Southeast Alaska that you can access on these islands. Actually some of the best hot springs in Alaska are in Southeast.This is something I plan to explore this summer. 


1. White Sulphur Springs – Chichagof Island

2. Goddard Hot Springs – Sitka

3. Chief Shakes Hot Springs – Wrangell

4. Baranof Hot Springs – Baranof Island

5. Tenakee Hot Springs – Chichagof Island

6. Shelokum Hot Springs – Ketchikan

Besides the adventures that await on the islands, adventure awaits on the water!

Alaska has world renowned fishing with the cleanest waters in America! There is whale watching, where you can see Orcas and Humbacks regularly in Spring and Summer as well as many other marine mammals. 

So with all that awaits us on the water and beyond, we had to buy a boat and live the Alaskan lifestyle!



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