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Shopping in Alaska

People in the lower 48 love to shop on Amazon and so do Alaskans. Especially in Juneau Alaska. In Juneau we do not have a lot of shopping options since we are off the road system. Therefore, Amazon can be a necessity we it comes to making purchases.

For instance, my daughter has Prom coming up. There is a thrift store, Alaskan Dames which has nice but very limited dresses. Then there is ONE VERY EXPENSIVE Formal Dress Shop.

Therefore, my daughter’s Prom dress shopping is going to be on Amazon. This way she can shop for a couple of dresses, try them on and return without having to pay shipping.

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Sustainability not Shopping

Since we have to look to outside sources for our purchases, buying locally sourced items is difficult.

Most everything comes from thousands of miles away. If it doesn’t come in on the barge, we don’t have it. One day I went to the grocery shopping and ALL the bananas were gone! Maybe they believed the superstition?

This was a scary feeling.

Someone told me that “our grocery stores only have enough food to supply everyone for 3 shopping days“.

In an emergency we could be in a lot of trouble if we could not buy the food we needed! Therefore, I feel like we need to become Preppers even more than we were in Oklahoma.


In Oklahoma during our five years of homesteading we had our own pigs that we slaughtered, milking goats, a large garden, rabbits, chickens, bees, and an orchard. All of this was way too much work. We do not want to work that hard anymore!

We came to Alaska to enjoy our lives and enjoy all Alaska has to offer!

If that does not include shopping, we are completely fine with that. We were never ones for “Keeping up with the Joneses”.

But when we do need to shop, we will utilize Amazon!

Becoming Self-Sufficient in Alaska

To become more self-sufficient, we will fish, hunt, forage for berries and grow our own vegetables. We have started with getting raspberries to plant.

Whatever we do grow our first season in Alaska, we hope to grow enough to can . This will give us a little more food security than we currently have.

Experience Counts

No matter how much we are able to prepare, I am confident that we could survive in an emergency due to our years of homesteading and the experience my husband has with hunting and fishing.

We may not have many shopping opportunities, but we have abundant wildlife and oceans that could sustains us for a long time!

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