The things no one tells you

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There are things no one tells you about and there are things you do not think to ask about, when moving to a new place. There are also some things you are told but just cannot quite grasp or believe. You just have to figure it out as you go.

With the onset of our first Spring in Juneau Alaska, we have realized there are a few challenges to living here.


The Sunlight. I have read many blogs that have warned me of the excessive sunlight in the Spring and Summer in Alaska. If you are like me, I was like “yeah right”, too much sun is like too much fun, it isn’t possible.

Auke Lake

Well let me tell you, IT IS POSSIBLE! Especially when you do not have black out curtains.

Our new home came with nice shades, but they filter light in. This is a problem when it is getting light at 3 am and dark at 10 pm. When the sun starts to shine through our blinds, I wake up every time and then it is hard to go back to sleep. The excessive sunlight messes with your sleep.

Needless to say, my next project is to measure the windows and order black-out curtains for the bedrooms!


No one tells you about the pollen problem here. I am sure some years are not as bad due to it raining a lot and washing the pollen away, but this year we have had beautiful sunny weather and tons pollen in the air!

I have never seen trees explode with pollen and all of a sudden plumes of what looks like yellow smoke rise from the spruce trees. When one trees releases their pollen, many in the same area do and the is a thick layer of yellow pollen in the sky.

Pollen Cloud

Yellow pollen is covering the houses, cars, your clothes. It is everywhere!

The good news is that even though the pollen is horrendous. My families allergies are not as bad as they were in Oklahoma. I am crossing my fingers it stays that way!


Living in such a beautiful place is exhausting. I am hoping this is due to being our honeymoon phase and it will slow down eventually, but I am not sure it will.

Since we live in such a beautiful and extraordinary place, we want to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Therefore, when the weather is amazing and even not so amazing, you get out and hike, go to the beach, go to events, boating, skiing, fishing and on and on!

Auke Village Recreation Area

“I have never been more busy in my life”.

I do love doing all these activities or I would not do them. I am so grateful that these activities are so readily accessible for my family and that we live in such an amazing place as Juneau Alaska is.

These are just a few of the recent challenges we have incurred with living and moving to Alaska. I am sure there will be many more lessons learned over the years as there are in life. Even though there are these challenges, I love living in Juneau. I am so glad my family and I made the move!

I know my kids are happier and enjoy their lives in Alaska. Even my 18 year old who was very resistant to moving and complains a lot, has not complained about living here. She enjoys living here and enjoys the new friends she has made.

All my kids are enjoying all the Juneau Alaska has to offer. They all have made new friends, joined new activities such as cross country skiing and t-ball and they love the adventures we go on. We hike, boat and explore.

Mendenhall Glacier

My husband and I enjoy these adventures as well. We also enjoy the people. Like I have said before, everyone is so friendly. Their hospitality is unbelievable. Juneau has so much to do and is one of the most scenic places to live!

So, even though there are challenges and things we will have to learn the “hard way”. Juneau is a wonderful place to live. It is full of more positive than negative attributes by far!

My family and I love living here in Juneau Alaska and would recommend living here or even visiting, you will not regret it!

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