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There is a huge debate/uproar here in Juneau Alaska. They are even holding public meetings about it. The debate is over the tourists.

Yes, it can be disruptive.

The traffic from the tour buses, helicopters, float planes, and cruise ships. The people walking around downtown and at the glacier.

Juneau becomes a bustling city full of life in the summer.

Some view this as a hindrance to their quiet coastal life. Others enjoy the life the tourists bring.

I have only been in Juneau for six months, but I agree with the latter. In the Winter, half of Downtown closes. Many of the shops are not open and the ones that are open, the hours are limited.

I think the quiet can be nice, but the change of pace is nice as well. It is like the change of seasons, without the change, life would get stagnant. The change makes you appreciate your current situation more.

It is fun to go Downtown and look at the cruise ships that have come in and watch the tourists. Today I went for a walk during my lunch hour due to the weather being so beautiful. I saw the biggest cruise ship I have seen yet. The Princess Cruise ship was a spectacular sight to see. There were 3 cruise ships docked and tourists were walking around Downtown.

Star Princess Cruise

To see the wonder in the tourists eyes and to be asked advice on where to go or what to see is awesome!

Being able to share the joy and give them information that you cannot find in any publication makes me feel even more privileged to live in such a wonderful place.

I do not understand why others do not want to share what we get to experience everyday?

Most of the people that live here have come from somewhere else and at one point had visited Juneau. They fell in love with Juneau and decided to move here. They should be welcoming of others that want to experience the same joy they experienced from visiting here.

Besides needing to share Juneau, the money that tourism brings is necessary to the health of Juneau’s economy.

If Juneau did not have the millions of tourists dollars, it would be crippling. The tourists dollars provide jobs, help pay for city services and make Juneau a wonderful place to live.

To me, there is no debate. We need tourists and they need to be able to experience Juneau Alaska!

Tourists at Mendenhall Glacier

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